Note: This page contains fanon. 

Afroditi Sallas
Full name Unknown
Born Unknown
Age Unknown
Astrological Sign(s) Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Current Country Unknown
Romantic Interest Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Introducer(s) Unknown
Afroditi "Tails" Sallas is the best friend of Sonic and a Greek member of the EPF.


  • Full Name: Afroditi Sallas
  • Grade: 8th
  • Born: 01/21/2001 (Age 14) Amfissa, Greece
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Date Joined: 01/05/2014
  • Estimated Joined Time: 2:30 P.M. EST
  • Height: About 3 feet
  • Weight: About 40 lbs.
  • Introducer: Eva K
  • Lucky Penguin: No
  • Ultra-Lucky Penguin: No