Not to be confused with Meghan T or Megg.

Meaghan image
Full name Unknown
Born August 31, 2001
Age 14
Astrological Sign(s) ♍️ (Virgo)
Gender Female
Nationality Unknown
Current Country Unknown
Romantic Interest Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Introducer(s) Unknown
 Meaghan Patzemoorah is an Antiguan member of the EPF.


  • Full Name: Meaghan Joanne Patzemoorah
  • Grade: 9th
  • Nationality: Antiguan
  • Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jay Organa since December 7, 2014
  • Date Joined: Between February 16 and February 22, 2014
  • Height: About 3 feet
  • Weight: About 50 lbs.
  • Sexual Orientation: Most likely straight
  • Romantic Interest: Jay
  • Lucky Penguin: No
  • Ultra-Lucky Penguin: No



  • Her hair is originally blonde.
  • She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Creole.