Harry Benavides-Rosenbloom
Full name Unknown
Born December 24, 2014
Age 6 months
Astrological Sign(s) Capricorn
Gender Male
Previous EPF Agent(s) Meghan T and Tiffany
Next EPF Agent(s) Star
Nationality Unknown
Current Country Unknown
Romantic Interest Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Introducer(s) Unknown
 Harry Benavides-Rosenbloom is the son of Pixie and Gary. He was born on December 24, 2014.


  • Full Name: Harry Benavides-Rosenbloom
  • Joined Date: 12/24/2014
  • Estimated Joined Time: 6:00 P.M. EST
  • Lucky Penguin: Yes
  • Ultra-Lucky Penguin: Yes



  • He is the first male member of Pixie's family to appear.
  • Gary named him.

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