Note: This page contains fanon.

Full name Unknown
Born December 21, 1996
Age 18
Astrological Sign(s) Capricorn/Saggitarius
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Previous EPF Agent(s) Unknown
Next EPF Agent(s) Unknown
Nationality American
Current Country United States
Romantic Interest Tiffany
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Introducer(s) Unknown
Eric Groves is the close friend and ex-boyfriend of Jane E, and an American member of the EPF. On August 14, 2015, he began dating Tiffany. On September 30, they got engaged.


  • Full Name: Eric Brian Grove
  • Grade: College
  • Relationship Status: Engaged to Tiffany since September 30, 2015
  • Date Joined: Unknown
  • Height: About 3 feet
  • Weight: About 50 lbs.
  • Left or Right-Handed: Unknown
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Introducer: Possibly Jane E
  • Favorite Color: Unknown
  • Favorite Restaurant: Unknown
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Grove
  • Lucky Penguin: Unspecified
  • Ultra-Lucky Penguin: No


  • He lives in Illinois.
  • He can drive.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Flames, except Flames' hair is thicker and longer.