• You can talk about yourself on your User page, but do not add any sensitive information about yourself or another person. Basically, your profile should not contain these things:
      • Your full name.
      • Your password, address, phone number, credit card number, team name, or other sensitive information.
      • Anyone's E-mail address.
      • The school or college you go to, or place of employment.
      • The city you live in.
      • Photos of you or any friends or relatives.
      • Your age if you are under 13 and fibbed about it in order to sign up for an account.

Other users' pages

  • Editing another user's User page is considered impolite and may not be done without their permission. Exceptions include:
    • Fixing link mistakes.
    • Undoing vandalism.
    • Removing violations of these policies.
    • Adding templates such as "Away" or "Retired", but you may only add these if the user has clearly stated that they are leaving for a period of time or quitting. Example of Retired:
Couch chair
User page Policy has decided to no longer visit or edit this wiki.
  • Every user has the right to talk about their religious or political views on their profile. You are allowed to talk about those here, on the condition that you respect other people's beliefs and are not bigoted. Political or religious rants are also forbidden.