• Vandalism is strictly prohibited on this wiki. Vandalism includes:
    • Removing a large (or small) part of a page without a valid reason.
    • Inserting nonsense or gibberish.
    • Renaming pages to your preference.
      • The wiki pages are protected to prevent this.
  • Do not undo or rollback other people's edits without proper reason.
  • Do not recreate a deleted page without an admin's permission.
  • Do not rename photos to your preference.
  • Do not edit templates to your preference.
  • Do not edit the color of a template to your preference.
  • Misleading links are forbidden. For example, linking to Sonic with Gracie being the displayed text. This is known as clickjacking.
    • Linking to pages with the character's alternate name is allowed. For example, linking to Helmet with Jim being the displayed text, but it is not recommended.
  • Hotlinking is prohibited.
  • Leaving a redirect when renaming a page is required.

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