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Members 7,127 (As of August 2014)
Date Founded July 8, 2008
Subgroup? No
The Elite Penguin Force is a group that has many members. Aunt Arctic is the creator and leader and Gary is the co-leader. It was started on July 8, 2008 and has 7,127 members as of August 2014. The entire EPF has gone through quite a few changes as time has passed, going from emotionally unstable to happy and silly. Most EPF Agents are in commited relationships with each other, and over 30 of EPF couples are heterosexual. 12 of the couples are homosexual. 5 of the EPF couples are married, 1 engaged.


Some things about the EPF:

  • Known Members: More than 200 but less than 250
  • Known Members (Based on Lucky/Ultra-Lucky/Non-Lucky, as of October 10, 2015): Non-Lucky or unadded 67% Ultra-Lucky 21% Lucky 8% Unspecified 3%
    • Note: Ultra-Lucky penguins are not included in the Lucky percentage.
  • Sexual Orientations of members: (As of October 19, 2015) Straight 17% Bi 5% Gay or lesbian 4% Asexual 2% Pan 0.4% Poly 0.4% Unadded or unspecified 71.2%
  • Most EPF-populated continent: Europe
  • Most EPF-populated country: United States
  • Most EPF-populated state: New York
  • First Known Member(s): Dubstep Von Injoface
  • Latest Known Member(s): Caroline Dann
  • Largest EPF family: Von Injoface family
  • Smallest EPF family: Too many to write here
  • Most common color: Peach
  • Least common color: Gray
  • Leader: Antarctica Taylor
  • Assistant Leader: Gary Rosenbloom

About 87% of the EPF Agents are anthropomorphic penguins, 10% anthropomorphic puffles and 3% anthropomorphic polar bears.

EPF birthdays in October

Tim10October 4
Gary and Garianna13October 6
Marina14October 9
Mal14October 13
Raanu16October 15
Kailey5October 16
Michael14October 17
Leo19October 20
Jeff R16October 24
Petey14October 26
Amia12October 27
Delta11October 28

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  • Shoulder-length brown hair with a pink bow or shoulder-length blonde hair with a blue butterfly barrett are common trends among female EPF members.