Aunt Arctic
Full name Unknown
Born September 15, 2002
Age 13
Astrological Sign(s) Virgo
Gender Female
Previous EPF Agent(s) Herbert E
Next EPF Agent(s) Gary
Nationality English
Current Country United Kingdom
Romantic Interest None
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Introducer(s) Unknown
Antarctica Taylor, known as Aunt Arctic, is the leader of the EPF. She is British, and she is Gary's ex-girlfriend. She usually wears a pink beanie and a white polo shirt with a pink vest. Some days she wears her shirt with a black vest and tie.


  • Full Name: Antarctica Taylor
  • Grade: 7th
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Date Joined: September 1, 2013 (Approximate)
  • Height: About 3 feet
  • Weight: About 50 lbs.
  • Lucky Penguin: No
  • Ultra-Lucky Penguin: No


  • Her real name is Antarctica. When she was little, she liked the word "Aunt", so her family and friends started calling her "Aunt Arctic", although she has no nieces or nephews of her own.
    • She is still called that to this day.